Written by S.C.Downey


A drip of sweat rolls off her forehead

free-falling in the air in slow motion

before hitting the concrete floor.


Punch, punch, punch.

She grabs the punching bag.

Grips it with all her might.

Letting all her frustration out.

Now her sweat hits the ground like heavy rain

as she punches the bag like a runaway train.

She is tired, but she won’t give up.

As the echoes of her past opponents play in her mind,

she regains her strength and goes at the bag triple time.

It doesn’t get easier, but with every punch she gets stronger.

And, this time the punch is to blame for the fire that burns inside her.


Darkest Night


Written by S.C.Downey

It was the darkest night of the year,

all of the shadows disappeared.

The light in the sky was no more.

Not even the stars twinkled in the night.

No eclipse in sight.


It was the darkest night of the year,

all of the shadows disappeared.

Tears pouring from eyes.

Lips crinkle in the night.

Gloom soaring bring no light.

Sending signals of sadness and freight.

No light in sight.


The Coldest Day

Written by S.C.Downey

When she saw him, she melt into a puddle on the coldest day in winter.

Trying to control her emotions around  him was like taming a wild animal.

Her heart beat to the  rhythm of every move he made.

The smell of his cologne sent chills down her spine that burst into flames.

No words to exchange.

Her vocabulary turned from dollar bills into change out of fear of saying something lame.

These feelings will never change for him because she knows he will never feel the same.

Because that night at the movies when their legs touched, he made it clear they were

only friends and nevermore will she feel the same.



Written by S.C. Downey

Life is full of happiness.

Finding it is the hard part.

Some people search the world.

High in the mountains.

Up in the sky.

In the ocean.

A tiny nook in a tree in the forest.

In a simple smile.

A small friendly gesture can reach miles.

Laughter over coffee.

Singing in the choir.

Friends celebrating.

Families gathering.

Life is full of happiness.

But, why do we search for sadness?



via Daily Prompt: Gray


The sky is gray.

It is almost May.

The rain falls to the ground.

Flowers bloom.

The city is bleak.

People stare out their windows with gloomy eyes

in search of a little bit of sunshine.

Little did they know, the sun plays peek-a-boo with humans on rainy days.

Making some people’s days even more gray.





His Eyes


Written by S.C.Downey

His eyes tell the story of a world of chaos and broken pieces of glass.

He cannot hide the pain that resides deep in his heart.

In a hectic world, he screams for freedom silently.

He wants to be heard, but listening ears have run away into a distant land.

His eyes tell the story of a troubled childhood that carried into adulthood.

Wishing to erase the pain, he takes a sip of his only self-healer-alcohol.

Sips turn into gulps.

Empty bottles line the floor.

Hitting an all time low.

He wants to find peace, but he feels all alone.

No one can bring him happiness, so he searches for it in all the wrong places.

Man in the Mirror plays in the background.

He takes another sip.

Fists against the wall.

He doesn’t want this anymore.

He looks deep into his soul in the mirror.

The door bell rings to remove him from his trance.

Ring. Ring. Ring.

Thump. Thump. Thump.

The door swings open, and no one is there.

The sun shines bright  on a cloudy day.

God heard his cries and felt his pain.

That day the man gave all his agony and worries to God, and

his pain was erased away.




Written by S.C.Downey

She yearns for his touch.

His lips call her name.

The closer she gets to him a magnetic and magical force takes over.

The thought of his touch makes her blush.

His dreamy eyes put her in a trance.

He chuckles with a sexy, half smile.

As he embraces her, she forms into a cloud.




Written by S.C.Downey

Her mission is to rise above the drama.

Because she is unstoppable.

No one can hold her down.

She is free like a bird.

She reaches for the stars.

She finds new galaxies.

Then a little more.

Negative words bounce back into Earth’s atmosphere.

She floats with ease as she pushes forward.

Dreams turn into reality.

New goals to explore.

In a world full of negative human beings

that turn others into breakables,

she is unstoppable.






Written by S.C.Downey

Her mind was polluted with thoughts of him.

The love was lost between them.

It ended before it even started.

He was still entangled in an ex-lovers web.

While she was just his pastime,

caught in the Bermuda Triangle

searching for a safe place to land.


Artwork by:HandMek