via Base


Written by S.C. Downey

He loved to watch baseball.

He would sit in his recliner with a beer and a small sliver tin filled with peanuts.

Bases were loaded.

It was the last inning.

The game was tied.

Two outs.

Recliner in an upright position as he scooted to the edge of his seat

anticipating the next play.

The batter hit the ball, and all of a sudden, the television was turned off.

He shouted, “Who turned the t.v. off?”

Only to see his three-year old son swinging the remote like a baseball bat,

and yelling, “Home run, home run!”

The television turned on.

The baseball game was  won.

He was upset that he had missed that moment, but it could always be watched, again,

with a small touch of a DVR button or in a clip from the Sports Center reporter.

On the other hand, the swinging of the remote baseball bat and the touching moment

shared between father and son could never be replaced.

In the future, the father will have a story to tell his grandchildren about that time their

father turned off the television at one of the most pivotal moments in baseball history.

Bases were loaded.

The game was tied.

There were two outs.

He will tell that story with pride.




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