via Hyperbole

Hyper is her name.

She wants to be a comedian someday.

Fortunately for Hyper, she decides to take a run in the park on a bright, sunny day.

The trees are full with life.

The breeze sings a trillion songs.

The birds soar in the sky as

Hyper’s head is in the clouds.

She runs for two straight hours.

Then she decides to take a break.

She looks down to see a bole, and she sits down on it to rest her soul.

In that moment, she begins to think of a billion humorous thoughts.

When she stands up, her thoughts evaporate into the land.

When she sits down, they reappear like a rabbit out of a magician’s hat.

A light bulb goes off in her mind.

She found her inspiration from the trunk of a tree.

Its name is Bole, and she is so happy.

She keeps a piece of it in her pocket for sure.

Together they tell a trillion jokes in the late night clubs of Santa Monica Blvd,

and their stage name is Hy-per-bo-le and not Hyper-bowl.





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