via Primp

Written by S.C.Downey

The night was young.

He waited patiently as she primped for a glorious evening on the town.

She wore an elegant dress with high heels that were accompanied by a small, glamorous


Her dress floated in the air as she flamboyantly glided down the stairs

with a smile on her face only to find him on the couch fast asleep with drool running down

his cheek onto the pillowcase.

It was a rough day, and it seemed like she took until midnight to primp for their date, so

he took a nap hoping to rejuvenate his body before their anniversary dinner date.

Later that night as wine glasses clanked, she wittily said, “May we forever remember this

day on our next date” as they cuddled on the couch with  pizza, blankets, wine, and their

favorite movies of all time.



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