Family Tree


Family Tree

Written by S.C.Downey

There is a tree in her backyard that tells the story of a lifetime.

Her parents’ engagement.

Her fourth birthday party where it lend a limb to hang her piñata as it watched children gather the candy from the grass and dirt that protected its roots.

It heard the laughs of familiar voices. Some have moved on in this journey of life, and some have stayed.

It smelled the smoke from the grill.

It felt the tears she cried when he said it was over.

It embraced the joy she had, while she climbed to the top of its limbs to see the sunset in the sky.

It wrapped its arms around her and smiled in the family photo.

It photobombed her selfie with confidence and little blue birds.

It was the perfect shade on a hot summer day.

It has seen many tress come and go, but is stands tall and firm in its rooted veins. Hoping to tell the story of many more.


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