His Eyes


Written by S.C.Downey

His eyes tell the story of a world of chaos and broken pieces of glass.

He cannot hide the pain that resides deep in his heart.

In a hectic world, he screams for freedom silently.

He wants to be heard, but listening ears have run away into a distant land.

His eyes tell the story of a troubled childhood that carried into adulthood.

Wishing to erase the pain, he takes a sip of his only self-healer-alcohol.

Sips turn into gulps.

Empty bottles line the floor.

Hitting an all time low.

He wants to find peace, but he feels all alone.

No one can bring him happiness, so he searches for it in all the wrong places.

Man in the Mirror plays in the background.

He takes another sip.

Fists against the wall.

He doesn’t want this anymore.

He looks deep into his soul in the mirror.

The door bell rings to remove him from his trance.

Ring. Ring. Ring.

Thump. Thump. Thump.

The door swings open, and no one is there.

The sun shines bright  on a cloudy day.

God heard his cries and felt his pain.

That day the man gave all his agony and worries to God, and

his pain was erased away.




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