via Daily Prompt: Gray


The sky is gray.

It is almost May.

The rain falls to the ground.

Flowers bloom.

The city is bleak.

People stare out their windows with gloomy eyes

in search of a little bit of sunshine.

Little did they know, the sun plays peek-a-boo with humans on rainy days.

Making some people’s days even more gray.








via Daily Prompt:  Purple

Written by S.C.Downey

She was red and angry.

He was blue and sad.

When they became one, purple tears of joy rolled down their cheeks.

Because each one knew, they were meant to unite to calm each other’s storms.



Written by S.C.Downey

Don’t limit yourself by accepting less.

Remember, there are no boundaries to what you can achieve in life.

You just have to believe in the limitless possibilities that surround you.




Daily Prompt: Renewal

Written by S.C.Downey

It was time to renew her subscription to love.

Renewal could bring joy or pain.

She was afraid.

Nerves shook.

Mind raced.

Because she didn’t want to feel the heartache, she felt with him.

She was afraid to love-again.

She was frustrated by love-again.

The offer to rekindle the burnt out light started to expire.

Deep breathe in.







Standing Ovation

via Daily Prompt: Ovation


Written by S.C. Downey

Her performance was grand.

The crowd cheered her on for a wonderful performance in her one-act play.

When the curtains opened, the spotlight shone on her face.

Blink. Blink.

Her eyes adjusted.

The crowd clapped and gave her a standing ovation that could be heard in space.

She humbly smiled and bowed with poise.

The red curtains flowed together with grace.

Out of the limelight, her smile turned into a frown.

As she remembered the two empty seats in the crowd.






via Daily Prompt: Moody

Written by S.C. Downey

Don’t be so moody.

Your emotions change like the wind.

One minute you’re happy.

The next minute you are disappointed with life.

Don’t be so temperamental.

One minute you are full of sunshine and rainbows like a bag of Skittles.

Then in the next second,  you are full of thunderstorms and heavy rain.

Don’t be so capricious, okay?

Her boyfriend turns to her and says, “I’m not being moody, temperamental, or capricious, but you my dear, are being very moody with your words, and I think you should just pick one or two instead of three.”

She melts into the couch, and she responds with a sullen remark, “I’m not being fickle.”








via Daily Prompt: Maddening

Written by S.C.Downey

It was a maddening, cold night.

The wind was expressing its feelings.

It was angry with fury as it whisk across their faces.

They shivered into their coats like turtles in a shell.



As they turned the corner, the wind broke any resilience that was left in their bodies.

Turning in for the night.

The wind had won.

As they cuddled up near the fireplace, the wind beat against their window to remind them it had won.